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Be a Global Winner with Our Heritage
ince 2015, Shiseido Group has been working on its medium-to-long term strategy called VISION 2020, under its mission to inspire a life of beauty and culture. We aim to continuously earn the support of our stakeholders, now and 100 years in the future and to be a Global winner with our heritage.

Shiseido will accelerate its growth to achieve VISION 2020

We positioned the first half of VISION 2020 (2015-17) as a time for rebuilding our business foundation. During this period, we comprehensively resolved issues both in Japan and overseas, while aggressively investing in marketing. As a result, in 2017, we achieved net sales of over ¥1 trillion, a target originally set for 2020. Operating income also grew and reached its highest level ever. In 2018, the first year of the second half of VISION 2020, we will begin implementation of a new strategy to accelerate growth. Under this plan, we will deploy our brand strategy to respond to the needs of local consumers in each region, while continuing with aggressive marketing investment. Through innovation, we will move forward with digital acceleration, new business development and new value creation. We will also prioritize and actively invest in the development of our people as they are vital to our new value creation and growth. Moreover, we will further evolve our global management structure.

Beauty Can Change the World: Creating Social Value with Our Businesses

Beauty is closely related to people’s lives and feelings, able to bring happiness, health, energy, confidence, commitment, empowerment and so much more.
To ensure truly sustainable growth, we act with the belief that the beauty business, as our mainstay, will itself lead to the creation of social value. Furthermore, we aspire to be the most trusted beauty company in the world by enhancing the value for our all stakeholders through a medium-to-long term management approach, as well as ESG-focused management.
We deeply appreciate your continued support for Shiseido’s initiatives which create innovations that will lead us to “be a global winner with our heritage.”

Masahiko UOTANI
Representative Director, President and CEO

April 2018
(Thanks & From Shiseido Website)


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